“Outstanding service is planned, not natural, automatic, or coincidental.”

Our Philosophy On Service

Northeast Controls mission is to enable our customers to achieve exceptional results through our leadership in technology, people, products and services. This means providing comprehensive process automation services to maximize the control system’s total lifecycle value.

Northeast Controls’ strategy for accomplishing our mission statement is to focus our energy and resources on:

  • Customer Satisfaction

    … through reliable, efficient, and effective service.

  • Balance

    … in the strengths of the field and the factory capabilities to address the unique needs of each customer.

  • A Global Mindset

    … by nurturing a global services culture that develops local and regional capabilities.

  • Global Information Technology

    … by globally integrating service systems for rapid response and information sharing.

Delivering on our mission statement requires providing service that is responsive, reliable, competent and of exceptional value. Responsive service means timely and flexible response. Reliable service means meeting the customer’s commitments 100% of the time. Competent service is effective problem diagnosis and resolution, which we ensure though our comprehensive services certification program. We ensure exceptional value by listening to our customers’ needs, tailoring our services to meet those needs, and reevaluating our service offerings based on customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Northeast Controls is here to help our customers achieve exceptional results. We strive to constantly improve our services offerings, our technology, our tools, and our knowledge to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal; it drives all that we do.