Northeast Controls is a leading supplier of process automation solutions. Our experiences and relationships with partner companies like Emerson Process Management, allow us to provide scaleable project capabilities, expert project management, and proven methodologies to deliver smart digital plants. We also offer the financial strength and stability required for continued long-term support and management of your automation assets. From concept through the planning, implementation, production and ongoing operation, experienced Northeast Controls Engineers work closely with you and your contractors to ensure compliance and ease of operation making sure your project is on scope, on time, and within budget. A typical project provided by Northeast Controls includes the following services:

Front End Engineering Design Services

As part of pre-project planning, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) work is early design work done after conceptual business planning and prior to detailed design. Northeast Controls can provide a turnkey solution that includes FEED, equipment selection, commissioning services, and implementation and operational capabilities.

  • Identifies and minimizes project risk – With project staff alignment, business drivers and constraints defined, the project risks are identified and can be minimized. Business management can proceed with full disclosure of opportunities to mitigate risk and/or project alternatives.
  • Lowers costs – Completion of a FEED study results in a well-defined scope for the rest of the project, which in turn results in a more accurate estimate, lower contingency, and typically lower overall project costs. The effort and upfront cost of the FEED delivers major benefits, as this is work that would otherwise be done in the first 10-25% of detailed engineering. The resulting “blue print” is further refined during the detailed design phase of the project.
  • Faster implementation – Studies show that projects with a thorough FEED study are more likely to be completed on time. Early identification of potential problem areas and/or necessary changes allow for early resolution, resulting in less impact to the project. The schedule is defined and the project planned from start to finish including resource requirements and hardware procurement.
  • Greater user involvement and management support – Studies also show that early planning, project definition, and goal setting are major factors in gaining user involvement and management support. These factors greatly increase the opportunity for a successful process automation project.

Project Management Services

The key to success in today’s complex control system engineering environment is the ability to manage projects efficiently and effectively. During the different phases of the project, communications with all project sponsors and stakeholders is critical to the success of the project. Over the years Northeast Controls’ Project Managers have built up significant experience in understanding customer needs, developing feasible project plans, mobilizing resources, and delivering projects with written objectives.

Project Execution

Northeast Controls’ project execution team uses best practices to deliver cost effective solutions that meet your critical business objectives. In order to minimize project risk and uncertainty, we can provide a scope and estimate on any aspect of your automation project. Based on the design, our team can specify the complete automation system scope including valves and instrumentation, field wiring and documentation requirements, loop sheets, system architecture, procurement, staging, integration, acceptance testing, startup and commissioning, and of course project management. Our expertise covers batch and continuous processes, fermentation, distillation, boiler/furnace controls and utilities, sequencing, and much more. Each of our Northeast Controls’ Engineers have extensive experience working at industrial manufacturing companies before their careers with Northeast Controls. Our system configuration knowledge spans DeltaV, Provox, RS3, PLC’s, OSI PI, OPC, Microsoft .NET technologies, and many others.

Integration & Startup

To get your system off to a good start and to help ensure “no surprises” we stage and integrate your system and application for you to review before delivery. This usually takes place at one of Northeast Controls’ facilities in Clifton Park, NY or Rochester, NY. Once the system is on your site, we assist your personnel with the inspection, power-up, and initialization of the hardware so that you can safely bring the system up to a fully functional state in preparation for commissioning and plant operation. In addition we can provide startup and commissioning of the application from the running of test and water batches to full production.

Bus and Segment Design

Northeast Controls provides complete bus consulting services to ensure that you have a successful startup and receive the long-term operational benefits you expect. The technologies used typically include Foundation fieldbus and some or all of the following: AS-I, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP. Northeast Controls has implemented thousands of devices using these bus technologies and we consider functional distribution by process unit, overall topography, and other critical constraints such as the loading and performance of the bus. Our services often include design drawings and equipment specifications for all the associated hardware such as power supplies, junction boxes, and cabling and even field devices. We also can assist you with commissioning and startup on-site and we can train your instrument and electrical technicians if they are new to bus technologies.

Wireless Startup Services

To derive maximum value from investment in Smart Wireless devices and networks, Northeast Controls offers services to ensure the correct layout, installation, and commissioning of your Smart Wireless devices and networks. Northeast Controls can provide services to support your AMS Wireless SNAP-ON™. This assistance helps provide connectivity to your whole wireless network to ensure it is gathering the best data from your wireless devices. Once the layout of your wireless network is complete, our Field Service Engineers can also assist in the configuration, calibration, and commissioning of the instruments. This ensures that all transmitters and other wireless devices are communicating properly with the Smart Wireless Gateway on a consistent basis. Northeast Controls can also provide integration services to ensure your Smart Wireless Gateway is set up properly and configured to communicate with your host DCS or PLC System.

Panel Design and Construction

Northeast Controls designs and fabricates a wide range of control panels for industrial manufacturing. Panel types include both electrical and pneumatic. From conceptual layout and detailed design to fabrication and testing, we offer an array of standard and custom products as well as related services such as power and grounding consultation, site commissioning support and modifications to existing panels.


Northeast Controls can provide project documentation for both federal regulated and non-regulated industries using either templates from the customer or templates from our own Quality Management System, ranging from User Requirements and Specification documentation up through Factory Acceptance Test Documents. Typical documents include but are not limited to a functional specification, detailed design, system architecture drawing, bill of materials, power and grounding drawings, instrument specifications, valve and instrument list, I/O connection diagrams, bus segment drawings, panel drawings, and user manuals.