With a comprehensive offering – from Emerson’s award-winning DeltaV™ Distributed Control Systems (DCS), to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), and Emerson Flow Computers, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), and OpenEnterprise™ SCADA systems – our innovative technology combined with industry-specific expertise in consulting, systems integration, project management, educational training services, and 24/7 Lifecycle Services Support can positively impact the overall efficiency of your operations and bottom line business results.

Whether you have a batch or continuous process, Emerson’s IIOT-enabled DeltaV DCS delivers the decision integrity to run your operations at their full potential. Emerson combines ease of use, full-scale control capabilities, and powerful system integration to deliver a reliable DCS offering that simplifies complex operations and increases productivity.

Emerson’s proven DeltaV SIS – whether standalone or integrated with a process control system – helps you safely and reliably protect your people and assets while improving process availability. It continuously monitors your plant’s safety devices’ status and diagnoses the health of the entire safety loop – dramatically reducing your risk.

The Emerson ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller combines the ruggedness and low power consumption of a traditional RTU, the scalability, speed and control of a PLC, and the audit trails and historical data of a flow computer enabling you to measure, control and optimize your operations using a single device.

Emerson Flow Computers are engineered to help you maintain measurement integrity while meeting operational objectives, including improved safety and security.

Designed with unrivaled flexibility and connectivity, Emerson’s OpenEnterprise™ SCADA systems synchronize your field, control room, and operations to transform the efficiency, reliability and profitability of your enterprise.

Northeast Controls is your local factory authorized Emerson Impact Partner in the Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, and Southern Vermont region.