Neotecha™ Sampling Systems and Valves

Neotecha Model Sapro (Aseptic)
Sapro aseptic in-line and tank sampling systems offer sample isolation from the environment and personnel. It is an aseptic/cleanable design. All wetted parts can be reached with steam, cleaning solvents or inert gas. Ability to totally contain sample, offering ultimate purity of sample in aseptic applications, and offers ultimate safety to personnel in toxic chemical applications. Simple and safe operation due to the use of a spring return manual lever. The lever automatically closes the sampler when it is released. Collects true representative samples every time without process interruption. Spring housing is totally sealed from the media. Valve is self-draining (dead spot free). The bottle adaptor is provided with a two-step disconnect to allow rinsing, cleaning and sterilizing all internal parts.

Neotecha Model PV Reactor Sampling System
A safe and reliable sampling device to meet the demands of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Extracts a representative sample from a reactor under process conditions without stopping the process or opening the reactor. Safe and simple operation. Sample is transferred pressure less. Different sample volumes are available. All wetted parts are PTFE, PFA, perfluor or glass. Direct mounting of all auxiliary valves via integrated mini mounting flange. If pH metering is required the top flange of the PV unit can be equipped with the required connection. Unit can be connected to a continuous re-circulation pump. Unit can be integrated with vacuum, nitrogen and rinsing supply lines. Liquid product can be added to the reactor via the PV unit. Sample media can be returned to the reactor. No contamination of the atmosphere. Displaced air in the bottle is returned into sight glass.

Neotecha Model Sapro In­line Sampling Systems
In-line sampling system for representative sampling without process interruption. The sampling system ensures a ‘true representative sample’ without process interruption. Designed to be installed directly into a process pipeline. Offered with either a bottle or syringe collection method. This allows for different levels of safety and containment for different applications. The syringe collection method utilizes a Sapro valve with a universal bayonet connection, which allows one syringe to be used at multiple sample points. The operation of the sampling system with bottle adapter is very simple and safe. The spring loaded lever automatically closes the sampler when it is released. The Sapro with bottle adapter comes standard with built-in locking device for safety. PFA lining is available for corrosive services. Easily disassembled for cleaning. Seat change is quick and easy. Spindle seal (including PFA lined) approved in a accordance with TA-Luft VDI 2440.

Neotecha Model Sapro Tank Sampling
Tank sampling system for representative sampling without process interruption. The area between the primary and secondary spindle seal can be filled with alcohol to allow monitoring the stem seal and to avoid contamination. The sampling system is offered with either a syringe or bottle collection method. Spring housing is hermetically sealed from the media. Valve is self-draining (dead spot free). Bellows sealed spindle seal. The tank sampling is provided with a twostep disconnect to ensure that the valve is properly reseated before disconnection. Void between valve and syringe can be rinsed and cleaned. Dry brake connection between Sapro and syringe. The Sapro forms an integrated part with the syringe resulting in a true closed system, which allows dangerous, corrosive and toxic liquids or gasses to be taken from a tank without danger to personnel or environment.

Neotecha Model Sapro Sampling Valves
Sapro HT sampling valve for representative sampling without process interruption suitable for high temperature applications up to 350°C (662°F). A bellows sealed primary spindle seal. Standard provided with leak detection ports. Available in wafer and flanged body style. Low cost of ownership due to the ease of assembly and disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. A hard-faced knife edge seating surface Stellite-21 to cut through process impurities. Standard bottle adaptor provided with ISO GL 45 thread and G ⅛” vent connection. Customer bottle threads are available on request.