Pressure Relief Valves

Northeast Controls offers easy-to-maintain Anderson Greenwood™, Crosby™ and Kunkle™ pressure and safety relief valves that prevent process overpressure and ensure downstream equipment protection.

Crosby™ Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)

Crosby™ direct spring pressure relief valves have been among the world’s most widely used and field-proven safety valves for process applications, industrial steam generators and steam boilers. Crosby products are known throughout the industry for solving difficult overpressure protection applications ranging from low pressure through supercritical boiler requirements.

OMNI­TRIM Direct Pressure Relief Valves
Reliable and economical overpressure protection for thermal relief and many more applications.

J Series Direct Pressure Relief Valves
J-Series valves provide high quality and dependable overpressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid and two-phase applications in one simple design.

H Series Direct Spring Safety Valves
Direct spring safety valves that provide comprehensive overpressure protection for ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section I, and Section VIII steam safety applications.

JB and JPV­A Large Orifice Pressure Relief Valve
A large orifice pressure relief valve engineered to provide high quality, dependable overpressure protection for air, gas, vapor and steam applications.

Style PVR Pressure/Vacuum Sanitary Relief Valve
A versatile sanitary relief valve for the brewing, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Series 82 Direct Spring Operated PRV for Natural Gas
High performance, direct spring operated pressure relief valve for natural gas applications.

Anderson Greenwood™ Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)

Anderson Greenwood™ pressure relief valves are recognized as a worldwide technology leader in pressure management. Compact in design and built to perform in the most demanding environments, their premium performance solutions enable customers to maintain high levels of safety, while also controlling emissions and reducing product loss.

Series 90/9000 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Maximize operating pressure and minimize emissions with the Series 90/9000 pilot operated relief valve; a high performance alternative to weight loaded relief devices.

Series 5200 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
A modulating pilot operated pressure relief valve for economizer applications that meets the stringent requirements of ASME Section I at high temperatures.

Series 200/400/500/700/800 Pilot Operated Relief Valves
Premium performance and advanced technology for overpressure protection.

Series MLCP Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
A simple, high performance, cost effective internally-sensed modulating large capacity pilot (MLCP) operated valve.

Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves Series 60/80
Premium performance direct spring operated pressure relief valves that use special internals and soft seats to provide optimum, accurate performance.

Liquid Storage Internal Tank Valves
Fail-safe isolation valves for bottom and side withdrawal tanks available in pivot-type, plug-type and side-mounted pivot-type models.

Safety Selector Valve
A dual pressure relief device system that provides a safe, efficient method of switching from an active PRV to a standby, maintaining system overpressure protection.

Kunkle™ Safety Relief Valves

Kunkle manufactures quality safety relief valves for steam, air, gas and liquid applications. Popular models for HVAC applications include:

Series 6000
Bronze safety valves to ASME section I and VIII, steam, ‘V’ and ‘UV’; section VIII, air/gas, ‘UV’ National Board certified including models to ASME section IV, steam ‘HV’. PED certified for non-hazardous gas.

Model 6252/6254
Cast iron ASME section I steam and section VIII, air, steam and gas ‘UV’ National Board certified safety valves including model 6254 to ASME section IV ‘HV’, PED certified for non-hazardous gas.

Rupture Discs

We are pleased to announce that Northeast Controls is now an authorized Manufacturer’s Representative for Fike Pressure Relief products.

Fike provides certified Rupture Discs to meet all applications for process industries including isolating pressure relief valves from corrosive materials, reducing involuntary emissions, insuring pressure relief in critical applications, rupture discs for sanitary/pharmaceutical processes.


Fike offers a complete line of cost-effective rupture discs, holders and custom pressure relief devices which are compliant with global code regulations and designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for performance, reliability and quality.

Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Relief Valve Protection

When Fike Rupture Discs are used to isolate or GUARD your Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) from process media and downstream contaminants, Fike refers to this as the ValveGuard concept. Affordable and effective in both vapor and liquid applications, Fike Rupture Discs are 100% leakage-proof and 100% bubble-tight. (In fact, Fike standards for bubble-tightness far exceed industry regulations.)

Axius High Performance Rupture Disc

Smooth, Reverse-acting, Lowest Burst Pressure

Designed to be used in aggressive chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the reverse-acting Axius®rupture disc is available in corrosion-resistant materials and has the tightest tolerances available. Enjoy cost and efficiency savings with this high performance disc.

ATLAS High Performance Rupture Disc

Higher Pressure, High Performance

ATLAS offers higher pressure capability, while still featuring high performance benefits including a 95% operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability. Higher burst pressures of up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG), makes ATLAS the endurance workhorse of the G2 Technology line of products.

ATLAS High Performance Rupture Disc

Higher Pressure, High Performance

ATLAS offers higher pressure capability, while still featuring high performance benefits including a 95% operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability. Higher burst pressures of up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG), makes ATLAS the endurance workhorse of the G2 Technology line of products.

LARGE ATLAS Rupture Disc

The LARGE ATLAS is a ground breaking industry solution where safety relief valves are not a viable alternative and holders with knife blades are no longer desired. The LARGE ATLAS has a wide range of market applications and is especially well-suited for chemical manufacturing, oil & gas and refineries. LARGE ATLAS utilizes the proven and patented G2 manufacturing technology to produce rupture discs with improved performance characteristics such as full vacuum/back pressure resistance, 95% operating ratio and large standard burst pressure offering.

POLY-SD Rupture Disc

Scored, Forward-Acting Design

The versatile Poly-SD rupture disc can be used in liquid, vapor and two phase flow and is available in a large variety of materials. Specifically designed to help prevent material buildup on the rupture disc, the Poly SD is ideal for polymerization processes.

SRX Rupture Disc

Scored, Reverse-Acting, Low Burst Pressure Design

The reverse-acting, SRX rupture disc has a cross scored design for use with vapor services only. It offers a superior service life in heavy pulsating and cyclic duty, and performs reliably under less than ideal installation conditions.

SRL Reverse-Acting Rupture Disc

Scored, Reverse-Acting, Low Burst Pressure Design

This convenient one-piece, single membrane rupture disc is reverse-bulged and perimeter-scored to facilitate opening without knife blades.

SCRD Series Rupture Disc

Scored, Forward-acting, High Pressure Design

The SCRD Series rupture discs are specifically designed for high pressure applications in either liquid or vapor applications. The SCRD Series rupture discs are well suited for minimizing leakage and corrosion in pressure relief valves, isolating them from process contaminants.

HO/HOV Rupture Disc

Composite, Forward-acting Design

The cost-effective HO Rupture Disc is a composite disc consisting of two components, the seal member and a slotted top that controls the burst pressure. With a fluoropolymer seal, this cost-effective rupture disc is a corrosion resistant, low pressure solution. The HOV Rupture Disc (high operating and vacuum) includes the addition of a vacuum support under the seal member.

P Series Rupture Disc

Conventional, Pre-Bulged, Forward-acting Design

The economical P Series of Fike rupture discs are designed for ruggedness and ease of installation. The CPV rupture disc is a three-member disc that consists of a retainer ring, a rupture disc and a vacuum support – spot welded together to make a sturdy, closely fitted unit. The CPV-C version includes a full cover to protect the disc from downstream dirt or rust.

GD Series or Graphite Rupture Disc

Made from phenolic resin-impregnated graphite, Fike Graphite rupture discs offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Lo-V Rupture Disc

Bi-directional, Ultralow Burst Pressure Design

The unique Lo-V rupture disc is designed to relieve undesired pressure conditions in either a forward or reverse acting direction. Depending on how the holder is oriented, the Lo-V disc can perform the tasks of two different rupture discs and is designed to protect processing and storage tanks from implosion or over pressure conditions.

AD Series Rupture Disc

Flat Composite, Forward-acting Design

The AD rupture disc is designed for protection and /or vacuum protection of   atmospheric vessels. The AD-H model is available for sanitary configurations.

Extruder Rupture Disc

Extruder, Forward Acting Design

The Fike Extruder Rupture Disc Device or ERD, also known as a Blow Out Plug, is a pressure relief device primarily designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes. Extruder Rupture Disc applications are unique, each requiring a specific combination of dimensions, threading and body configuration. Fike has a variety of standard Extruder Rupture Disc devices, and the capability to design and manufacture to customer specifications.

Engineered Products

Extensive Rupture Disc Engineering Expertise

Fike has an extensive line of standard rupture discs and bursting discs. But when your situation demands a different approach, our experienced engineers and technical staff are ready. Our attention to detail and willingness to explore each application’s unique requirements has led to many satisfied customers … and a long list of innovative, patented products.

Burst Disc Indicators and Accessories

Burst indicators are used to provide instantaneous notification of a rupture disc activation or leakage through the disc. Depending on the device selected, Fike rupture discs with burst sensors and indicators can be used to activate alarms, bells, remote annunciators or interfaced with process control systems, so that appropriate safety follow-up measures can be taken. Use this selection guide to help you determine the most appropriate Fike rupture disc burst indicator for your industrial or sanitary application.

Rupture Disc Holders

The typical Conventional Bolted Type Rupture Disc Holder is a two-piece unit consisting of a base flange (inlet) and a hold-down flange (outlet). The 30° angular seating surfaces of these flanges are machined to grip Fike’s Conventional P/CPV and HO/HOV Series Rupture Discs. When assembled, the crown (bulged portion) of the disc protrudes into the hold-down flange and a metal to metal seal is provided.


By their very nature, Sanitary and Hygienic applications demand specific rupture disc solutions. Fike has new technologies, including specific rupture discs, holders and pressure relief support, developed for the unique challenges of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.