“Maximize Equipment Performance to its Fullest Potential”

Since the performance of all equipment deteriorates over time, the efficiency of the equipment will decrease, throughput will reduce and operating costs will rise. If the performance is allowed to continue to decline the cost in reduced productivity will account for lost revenue. In addition, maintenance on mechanical and process equipment tends to be carried out when problems occur. In certain cases, entire maintenance teams are employed to ensure that equipment is available 24/7 and able to cope with the increased demands on production.

The key to preserving long-term performance is a source of information that lets personnel move beyond reactive situations and move towards predictive planning allowing maintenance and cleaning cycles to be scheduled appropriately. Emerson’s AMS Suite: Equipment Performance Monitor provides the source of information required to improve maintenance planning and compete more effectively. Consequently AMS Performance Monitor is allowing customers across different industries to run their process more efficiently, schedule maintenance activities, and determine the root cause of production inefficiencies.

AMS Performance Monitor, part of Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, is based on rigorous thermodynamic model-based technology coupled with service expertise. Numerous key performance indicators and additional customized reports provide a comparison of current equipment performance to those if it were at design condition. These performance diagnostic reports are accessible via any standard web browser allowing you to easily share knowledge between departments and sister plants around the world.

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