CSI 7100 Machinery Health Scanner – A Simple Point-and-Shoot Solution for Expanding Your PdM Program

The CSI 7100 Machinery Health® Scanner works hand-in-hand with other CSI technologies for diagnosis on rotating equipment. It also expands your Machinery Health Management program to cover other non-rotating assets including valves, steam lines, pressure vessels, vacuum chambers, and even building structures. Despite the wide range of applications, the CSI 7100 analyzer is simple to use thanks to its ergonomic design and one-hand operation. It provides an audio signal that makes it intuitive to hear when equipment is defective or malfunctioning. Beyond simply locating faults, the CSI 7100 analyzer is unique in its ability to give an indication of the problem severity as well. Thanks to advanced technology, it provides a calibrated reading of the signal level as an objective measure of asset health.

The CSI 7100 analyzer also compliments other Machinery Health technologies. It can serve as a simple means to identify faults on rotating equipment –especially rolling element bearing applications – similar to the CSI vibration analyzers. It also works together with the CSI oil analyzers to detect improper lubrication. It can also be used with the CSI 9800 Machinery Health Imager to locate electrical faults in power distribution applications.

Leak detection is also one of the primary applications for the CSI 7100 analyzer. Plants have reported significant savings by locating and removing leaks in plant air, steam lines and other pressurized systems. The same simple technique can be used to check the integrity of piping, vessels, and vacuum seals. The CSI 7100 analyzer also serves as a quick easy device to determine whether control or bypass valves are leaking. You can even apply this multi-functional technology to scan your facility for holes in insulation that drive the costs for heating and air conditioning.

Vibration Transmitters

In all industries, some of the assets in the plant are more critical to production than others. The most critical require continuous online monitoring, while the least critical can be monitored periodically. But what about the vast majority of equipment essential to your process? Or those assets located remotely or in dangerous locations?

Emerson offers a variety of transmitters to keep you connected to the health of your machinery.

CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter – Integrating Machinery Health Analysis into the Process Automation Environment

The CSI 9210 delivers real-time vibration analysis data from critical machine trains.

CSI 9330 Vibration Transmitter – Continuously Monitor Critical Machinery

The CSI 9330 is a continuously operating vibration transmitter that interfaces with  existing plant monitoring systems while automatically detecting vibration levels.

CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter – Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations

The CSI 9420 provides accurate vibration monitoring in hard-to-reach locations via Emerson’s Smart Wireless self-organizing network.