If your plant is like most others these days, you’re being asked to do more, produce more, and document more – with fewer resources. When you partner with Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services team, you can take advantage of our proven turnaround process. We work with you to complete a pre-turnaround asset review to evaluate and document the project objectives. We’ll identify environmental and equipment requirements and record everything in a checklist format.

That’s a tall order, but Emerson has a way to help you avoid unplanned costs and unscheduled maintenance through our comprehensive Outage Management Services. By taking control of your outages, you can turn necessary downtime into an opportunity to improve your processes over the short and long terms. Call on the expertise and experience of our service professionals to ensure delivery of an on-time, under-budget outage.

We plan. 

We begin your project with a pre-outage walk-down, during which we assess and document the real-world issues faced when your process is taken offline. All these issues, along with input from key personnel, are recorded in the form of a checklist, which can include environmental concerns as well as equipment requirements.

Once the checklist is complete, the essential team managing the outage can use it to customize the General Customer Specification (GCS) document to define your outage’s critical success factors.

We execute. 

When it comes time to execute the outage, we guarantee that it will be done as planned in your General Customer Specification Document—on time and within budget. During the outage, our factory-trained and –certified personnel will perform various diagnostic services, including valve leak detection and valve testing with our FlowScanner™ diagnostic tool. We’ll also conduct all necessary repairs, using only parts from certified vendors and following the highest industry standards for calibration and configuration. We are your ONE full service provider for diagnostics and repair, regardless of manufacturer.

All repairs conducted during the outage are covered by a one-year warranty. And our more than 50 nationwide service center locations guarantee that we’ll be there if you need further assistance.

We follow up. 

After your process is successfully returned online, we’ll assist you with maintenance decisions, schedule training, and strategize how to make the next outage go smoother and quicker. We also provide you with pre- and post-outage diagnostic data, so you’ll know what we found, what we repaired, calibrated, configured, and what we recommend for you moving forward. This data supplies a critical baseline analysis—invaluable information for your asset management—enabling you to plan for improvements that will directly affect your plant’s performance.

And to help ensure that your maintenance proceeds in a strategically advantageous direction, we’ll assist with planning your next outage, which includes determining the best time for it and what goals should be set.

With Outage Management from Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services, you get a more convenient way to execute an outage.

  • One purchase order, one vendor
  • Comprehensive project plan
  • Personnel available all day, every day
  • On-time, guaranteed

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