Wireless technology empowers plant workers by giving them instant access to information wherever they are. In today’s process plants, an aging workforce and loss of experience are among the most difficult business challenges process manufacturers face. Wireless technology can empower next-generation plant workers with real-time process data, equipment data and knowledge from experienced workers.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless Solution for Mobile Worker can dramatically improve plant workers productivity and efficiency by using cutting-edge wireless technology and providing instant access to DCS data, maintenance data, and operation procedures.

Possible applications include:

  • Remotely access process control and asset-management systems
  • Broadcast messages to specific groups using Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) Voice communication using Voice over Wireless LAN – Short messages, conference calls, Voice mails…
  • Access maintenance work orders and instructions through handheld communicators
  • Track or report inspections, tests, and repairs

Improved Productivity 
With rich real-time information from control and asset-management systems, field workers can resolve operation problems much faster. Mobile Worker applications allow them to report observations, perform procedures, communicate with central control room, and initiate or execute work orders while onsite. Performing multiple jobs in one operator round and saving trips between control room and process units improves plant workers’ productivity significantly.

Improve Equipment Maintenance 
Wireless tools such as handheld communicators allow field workers to access maintenance histories, instructions, and other diagnostic information on the spot. These data help maintenance personnel debug equipment problems much more efficiently. Mobile Worker also enables field workers to immediately track or report inspections, tests, and repairs.

Improved operation accuracy 
Task lists, work procedures, and optimized operation guidelines can be accessed onsite. This functionality helps field workers to finish process operations more accurately. The work or operation finished by the operators is recorded, sent back and synchronized with control or maintenance systems in real time, helping to reduce errors caused by delayed data.

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Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit

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