Wireless plant networks have requirements that are unique and different from wireless field networks. Plant networks implement applications like video, voice and people or asset tracking. Requirements include:

Bandwidth – High; multiple applications must share the service
Security/Reliability – Industrial security and robust coexistence are essential
Power Management – Devices can be line powered or recharged daily
Standards – Driven by IT community (802.11, WIMAX…)

Emerson has been delivering wireless products and solutions at the plant network level since 2001, when IEEE 802.11 became an accepted standard in the process industry. Our experience has demonstrated the importance and benefits of using WLAN technology in manufacturing and processing plants. Our Smart Wireless architecture uses rugged wireless access points from Cisco to provide Wi-Fi coverage. The Cisco® Aironet 1520 Series Outdoor Wireless Mesh Access Points are Class I, Div 2 certified and support dual band radios compliant with IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g standards, providing a universal standard network infrastructure for easy integration of all the wireless applications in your plant, including security, personnel and asset tracking, and mobile worker productivity solutions.

Cisco WCS allows Network Managers to design, control, and monitor enterprise wireless networks from a single location, simplifying operations. It oversees a series of WLAN controllers, which are responsible for Network wide wireless functions such as security policies, intrusion prevention, RF management, QoS, and mobility. Cisco WCS itself facilitates load balancing and traffic management, policy provisioning, network optimization, troubleshooting, user tracking, and monitoring for end-to-end security.

The architecture uses Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) software, the industry’s leading platform for wireless LAN planning, configuration, management and mobility services, for wireless network management, supported by Cisco Secure Services for network security. This provides a cohesive wireless communications platform across the physical as well as the functional areas of plant operations so that the shared network can support diverse applications.

Emerson offers comprehensive services to help you get started with your plant network applications. The Wireless Plant Network service portfolio includes:

  • Site Survey
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Network installation and Commissioning
  • Application Implementation
  • Network Support and Management
  • Project Management

Smart Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations

Smart Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations (Data Sheets)

Plant Network Services
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Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit
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